Amanda Frost

for ANC 1A10 Commissioner

November 8, 2016

Endorsed by The Greater Greater Washington

"As a resident of our community I care about my neighbors and my neighborhood. As your ANC Representative, I will bring a new perspective and fresh ideas to our local government. I believe representation means listening to all community members and being responsive to their needs."

What Issues have the biggest impact?

"What Matters Most"

  • Public Safety: Our neighborhood should always be a friendly and safe place to live and raise a family.

  • Affordable Housing: All of our neighbors deserve to live in safe and secure housing built and maintained using only the best practices.

  • Neighborhood Livability: Yes, it's the little things that make a difference! Things like rodent control, trash removal, park maintenance and improvement and street parking.

  • Balanced Economic Growth: I will encourage creation and implementation of an economic development plan to ensure the continued and balanced growth of our neighborhood.

As your ANC Representative I will

"Work to engage and respond"

  • Host Community Gatherings regularly so neighbors can get to know one another, talk about their interests as well as their concerns and feel that their voices will be heard.

  • Expand Social Media engagement to increase neighborhood awareness of important issues and events.

  • Represent our Neighborhood’s Interests to all levels of D.C. government.

  • Gauge interest in forming a Neighborhood Watch Program.

  • Public Safety: I will work with members in our community, the ANC, our local City Council member and local law enforcement to make our neighborhood a friendly and safe place. I will use a comprehensive strategy to address local crime, substance abuse, mental health and responsive policing.

  • Neighborhood Livability: I will address important issues such as the City's proposal to limit street parking on Irving and Kenyon, rodent control, trash removal and park maintenance and improvement.

What is the ANC and why does it matter?

"How we work"

  • The Advisory Neighborhood Commission is a non-partisan body that represents the interests of each city neighborhood and communicates those interests to all levels of city government.

  • The ANC Commissioner in your district is directly elected and is the most local and accessible city government representative.

  • The ANC Meets monthly, holds committee meetings and engages in constituent service.